Hi from Hollywood!


Here’s to having High Hopes. Last night the episode of Raising Hope which I worked on aired and there I was numerous times throughout. The producers named the episode “Hot Dish.” I have to say, I am quite flattered they would do that even though I only had a minor background role. At any rate, I’ll take the compliment when I can get it here in Hardknocks Hollywood.

My scenes took place at the Nateville Radish Festival. Actually, the fair scene was filmed in the back alley of Twentieth Century Fox in between rain clouds, airplanes, and sirens on the nearby interstate. Cloris Leachman, who I mostly remember as “Phyllis” in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, now 87 years, filled the day of shooting with ever-so-bold eccentricities. The top shot is of Cloris making her way on-camera to penny arcade . . . with little ol’ me tagging behind her, doing just as the director instructed me. Believe it or not, we must have shot that little 30-second sequence no less than a dozen times. Finally, I played it down a bit so not to upstage Ms. Leachman. A bit later in the show, Cloris’ character made a breakaway exit out of the fair (played by a stunt double) and rollicked her way past me in the second photo. The director asked for my best silly but stunned reaction to her action. Well, all I can say is that it’s a downright shame this didn’t air before the Globes last weekend. I would have been a shoe in. Or, at least a fair-going shit-kicker in for sure.

Did a few scenes last week for Scandal. Played a philanthropist attending a fundraising gala for “Fitzgerald Grant’s” election to be president. Also in my scenes was Bellamy Young, who plays wife “Mellie Grant.” Could I have spun a whole new scandal during my day on set? Just watch and see.

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Her grand finale of the day was to wave good as we wrapped day 1, by modestly lifting her middle finger to all as she said a glorious goodnight. One of the producers remarked to me that the gesture was her trademark at the end of each day


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