Hi from Hollywood!

Mr. Hollywood

Well, my Thanksgiving weekend ended with something more to be grateful for. The first of two episodes in which I appear on Showtime’s Masters of Sex aired last night. Not knowing the exact airdate in advance, when I saw my first of several scenes debut on my tv screen I was caught oh so off-guard and became a bit of a Nervous Nelly about what kind of other naughty scenes might appear on this often skin-filled series. Being part of anything boasting body parts just ain’t my cup of tea . . . or tequila, for that matter. I sat on my couch throughout the episode getting glimpses of moi in several scenes, all of them made much more scintillating, I must say, by my two or three seconds of stardom.
Masters of Sex - Beau Bridges and Me 
Regardless, I remained ridiculously ruffled about what rather risqué rendevous by other actors might appear in my episode. To quell my knocking knees, I threw back glass or two of Pinot Noir.
Masters of Sex - Hobbling
Thankfully, after a profusion of prayers, I was relieved to realize that the producers of the show apparently respected my request to keep the show shampooed. Not a naughty nuance all night. 
Masters of Sex - Arm
I’m mighty proud to have had that squeaky clean kind of impact on what otherwise immoral images could have been imparted. In the meantime, I will try to terminate my twitching eye until my second appearance, which airs on the series’ finale in about two terribly tiresome, wearisome weeks.

Other tidbits: A couple of weeks ago, I did a fun scene with Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation, which doesn’t air until next February. It was a fancy-schmancy fundraiser scene shot on location at the Glendale Hilton. Amy and two of the shows other stars were having a confrontation of sorts while I rendezvoused in the immediate background with my much younger wife or whatever at the event. They used me for some fun reaction shots that I hope the producers realize would not, try as I might, steal the scene. Also did a quick scene as a professor in an upcoming episode of Parenthood – will try to get the airdate. Also did a 14-hour day shooting a couple of scenes on Mad Men which will air in the premiere episode of their final season, after the first of the year.

This Thursday, December 5 on CBS (9E/8C/9P), I should be in a the funeral scene on The Crazy Ones, starring Robin Williams.
On Sunday, December 15 on CBS (10E/9C/10P) I should be in The Mentalist as a yacht club member.
Sometime in the next few weeks on FOX I should be in Raising Hope as a fair attendee with Cloris Leachman.

Ba-bye for now to all my Besties!