Hi from Hollywood!

Mr. Hollywood
Well . . . I’m actually not in Hollywood. Rather, I’ve been out at our house in Palm Springs most of the time lately. Work has been pretty slow . . . arghhhh. Seems like they have a yearnin’ for the youngin’s lately . . . lots of calls for “18LY,” meaning 18 years or over to Look Younger. Is it time for a little nip n’ tuck? Trouble is I’d need a full “carving” with one of those jack-o-lantern kits, not to mention that after the “lift” my hairline would hit the back of my neck. I’ve always been told I must have eyes in the back of my head, but let’s keep it strictly a figurative phrase. Guess I’ll leave my mid-century mug alone and lay by the pool collecting even more crevices in my crackling complexion.  But don’t despair, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for more geezer gigs that will hit the airwaves.

Speaking of airwaves, I’ll very like be in a few scenes of The Mindy Project this coming Tuesday night, October 22 on FOX at 8:30 pm Central/9:30 pm Eastern/Pacific. (Trust me, not my network of choice, but I won’t go down that rantful road.) Mindy is a second-season hit sitcom starring Mindy Kaling, who previously was in The Office. It’s sort of a current-day cross between Friends and Sex in the City. As I mentioned in my last post, I was called to work on the show as a “snobby art patron” and did so for three days about six weeks ago over at Universal. Hopefully, you’ll see my nose up in the air during a few scenes next Tuesday night.

Oh, before I go, a fun FLASH:
I tottered over to the casino last night and settled into one of the buck-sucking blackjack tables. Just as I was ready to get out of Dodge, luck prevailed. I looked across my table to the person sitting in the hole position, and who was it but none other than Estelle Harris. Estelle is a well-known Hollywood character actress who is most well-known for playing Estelle Costanza, George’s snarky, snarling Mom on Seinfeld. I told her how much I enjoyed her performances and how she nailed every never-one-to-be-nice line she had. She is 85 years young now and makes an appearance in another movie that came out last week entitled CBGB. She and her husband Sy encouraged me in my Hollywood career, and being in the biz, we all exercised professional courtesy and did not ask for each other’s autograph. But rather, expressed good luck back in Tinseltown . . . and at the blackjack table.

Estelle Harris 2