Hi from Hollywood!

Mr. Hollywood

Summer soared by and now it’s back in the Hollywood fast-lane for fall. My canine pal, Desi, and I enjoyed our luscious little lake get-away, but decided it was time to get out of Dodge before the snow flies in Minnesota dontchaknow – sorry I picked up a few Minnasoda idoms over the summer season.

We arrived back in Los Angeles on September 5. Of course, we tried to keep our travel back very discreet and low-key, just like we always are. In order to not attract any awaiting press at the airport, I ordered a small sedan to pick us up and take us to our home in Pasadena. Well, Lordy be. Wouldn’t you know some nimble-minded limo gal must have recognized my name from all of my background acting and tried to impress the bajeebers out of me. Instead of sending out a sensible sedan, the driver arrived in what seemed like a seven hundred foot stretch limo. I’ll never know her true intentions, but I like to think she was looking out for my best interests. She must have seen me on the episode of Bones when I was crammed in my car for fourteen hours without any space to stretch my legs, not to mention my bulging bladder. So bless her horribly stupid little heart, but her intentions did nothing for my nerves when a mob started to amass at the sight of the limo arriving at the curb of Terminal 5. Quickly, Desi and I hopped into the car and calmed down, thanks to the heavily tinted glass and a triple shot of tequila.

Desi and Chuck in Limousine - 9-5-13

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call that one of the producers of The Mindy Project, a second-season sitcom airing on FOX on Thursday nights, wanted me to come play the part of a “snobby art patron.” Me, snobby? Assured that the perceptive producer simply realized my astute acting ability, I took the part and enjoyed three days of shooting the show on Stage 31 at Universal Studios. I must say, they used lil ol’ me in prominent locations next to the stars in almost every scene. And now for the real news. That little gig got me DISCOVERED. On the final day of shooting, one of the producers asked me if I was a member of the Screen Actors Guild. “No, I’m notorious, but non-union,” I replied. He went on to ask if SAG was something I would like to pursue, and I gave him my best youbetcha ever. He then awarded me my first of three SAG vouchers – you must receive three to be able to join. Out of about 50 actors, he chose moi! I immediately took myself to lunch and toasted the occasion – and then to Beautiful Downtown Burbank in search of the many disguises I’ll be needing.


Last night I appeared for FIVE FULL SECONDS as the maître’d on the premiere of the new Chuck Lorre sitcom Mom. My scene is about twenty minutes into the show, as lead actor Anna Ferris enters the restaurant where she works. Hopefully, she didn’t feel that my charismatic character didn’t upstage her. I’ll also should be appearing in a couple of upcoming episodes of Masters of Sex, the new Showtime project premiering very soon. My episodes won’t air until later in the fall. And no, it isn’t porno – skin flicks aren’t my forte – but, I must say, it’s a wee bit naughty. I’m blushing already.



8 thoughts on “Hi from Hollywood!

  1. You are discovered!!

    I watched “Mom”..thought it was cute. Let me know ahead of time when you are starring.

    How is the new house in Palm Springs? Will it need much “redoing”?

    Take care and hope to see you one of these days!!

    Any updates with Mom and Dad and moving?


  2. You are HILARIOUS Chuck! I watched Mom through once and went back again and still didn’t see you but will give it a third try! SAG all the way!! You GO Boo!

      • I watched online and I believe, it was the Pilot episode. Is that the one I should be watching? It’s a cute show. Enhanced by your appearance OF COURSE!

      • Hi Kay:
        Yes, I’m in the pilot that aired on 9/22 or 23. I’m about 20 minutes into the show when Anna Farris makes her entrance into the restaurant, I cross behind her for literally about 5 seconds – just a quick, quick glimpse of me.

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