Hi . . . on Hiatus!

Desi and Chuck on Plane -5-29-13

Sorry it has been so long I last got in touch. As you remember, my forever faithful four-legged son, Desi, and I headed to our secret summer spot last week to hunker down during summer hiatus. We had to travel incognito to keep irritating press interviews at bay – and our dream destination had to be under tight wraps while winging our way east. This was Desi’s second flight and he thought it was fabulous . . . what he remembers of it. I had given him a few oral doggie dreamland drops which kept him cool as any canine could be. As for me, it was only 8 am when we left LAX, but I figured it was Happy Hour in Hong Kong, so I enjoyed a couple of marvy mimosas. Soon, as told by our stewardess, we were both snoring in unison.

So, I’m finally getting close to the good part – the announcement of our awesome escape destination. But, first, in what seemed like moments, our flight had flung us to our magnificent hometown of Minneapolis. Desi and I whisked our way through the airport terminal and, believe it or not, were not sighted by a soul . . . well, except for a few darting-eyed Delta agents who, for some reason, have put me on their Difficult List. Anywhooooo . . . we made a speedy get-away to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in our uber cool Toyata Yarus LE rental car (which I’ve named the Silver Soup Can – but who wants wheels that would further attract fans, anyway). It was great to see my parents and Desi lavished them with licks and the liking, and after supper we were off to our get-away in God’s Country.

We made our way north, through sensational St. Cloud, ravishing Rice, resplendent Royalton, lavish Little Falls , beautiful downtown Brainerd, nothing-less-than pictorial Nisswa . . . and . . . (drumroll). . . finally my duly-truly dearly beloved . . . (children’s chorus background build-up) . . .  perennial place of perfection . . . (Diana Ross breaking into “Ain’t No Mountain”) . . .  Pequot Lakes, Minnesota! I need to send a special thanks to all of the volunteer police patrol and American Legioneers who must have been handling security detail as I made my way through town that night, as there wasn’t one fanatical fan anywhere on Main Street as I passed by. Great job, guys. Desi and I got situated in the cottage out on Lake Bertha where we still own and spend summers. Then suddenly it wasn’t long before I thought my worst fan fear had come to fruition. It sounded as though the hum of helicopters was overhead. Lordy be.  I peered out of the porch and luckily it was only a mass of Minnesota State Birds . . . mosquitos. What a relief, and both Desi and I now knew we had successfully made the hidden journey to our summer home.