Hi from Hollywood!

The Bridge  - 5-13-13- Cowboy Wardrobe

Ya-hoo! Yippy-ky-aay! And all the rest of that western rot. Yesterday I did a very short scene in a new television drama series coming out soon on the FX network titled “The Bridge.” The show takes place in El Paso, Texas, but is shot, of course, here in La La Land. My scene of about six seconds is made to look like we are outside of the El Paso Police Department. Actually, we are on the campus of Cal State-Northridge and one of the administration building’s façade was transformed into the “cops’ casa.”

I arrived on-set at 9 am in my own business casual attire, as was requested. Along with the rest of the Background Actors, I went to the wardrobe trailer to get approved. Everyone seemed to be getting a high-five in their own, present-day business garb. And then it came to me. Why, I’ll never know. But they chose lil’ ol Cowboy Carlos to be the one to portray more of a western wrangler from El Paso. Didn’t they know I never even wore “western” back in the Seventies? It was “Saturday Night Fever” all the way for me. Well, anyway, they broke out some black boots for me to wear that did nothing to make me take on a John Wayne walk. Nancy Sinatra came more to mind. Then they replaced my Kenneth Cole belt with one bearing a buckle big enough to make it impossible for me to bend at the waist. Finally, they topped me off with a big, black Stetson that I couldn’t keep from dropping over my perfectly suntanned face during my scene.

Luckily, it was the shortest gig I’ve ever been through – about 30 minutes of work in the 103-degree heat. Trust me, this cowboy couldn’t get out of that western fringe fast enough. As an ode to El Paso, I had a very humungous margarita the minute I got home. Everything is big in Texas, you know.

SCOOP: I have a ticket for “Dancing With The Stars” tonight. Don’t know if I’ll get in or not. It’s a ticket to behave myself in the audience – so hopefully my background acting instincts don’t kick in, and you see me drifting across the dazzling dance floor.

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Have a Terrific Tuesday!


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