Hi From Hollywood!

Hi From Hollywood!

Well, actually, I’m not in Hollywood right now – I’m in Minne-snowta. Yes, it’s May 4 (I’m actually calling it February 92nd) and it’s down-right winterlike here. Who knew I’d be humming “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” this weekend.

Several of you messaged that you saw me on “Big Bang” the other night. Well, I finally had a chance to watch the episode online, and I think I was only a figment of your fabulous little imagination. Yes, that envious film editor snipped me from the show. I could smell that he was trouble all along. Obviously, he doesn’t know real talent when he see’s it and I’m sure he’ll be hearing from the show’s creator, Chuck (or “Chas” as I’m sure he would prefer moi to refer to him as) Lorre – and his little head will be rolling down some Hollywood Hill very soon. But . . . I’ll stop and take the high road. Of course, he was being professional and just worried about my brilliant performance upstaging the principal actors. I simply need to dumb-down my impeccable presence a wee bit. As most of you know, blending into the background will be my biggest acting challenge yet, but I’m up for it. Don’t cry for me, Argentina . . . or any of you anywhere else like Alabama, Antonio or Albequerqe. It takes more than one brief bump in the road to stop this little cookie.

Happy weekend to all!


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