Hi from Hollywood!

,Hi from Hollywood!

Work has been a little show this week, with more and more shows going on hiatus. So, I am heading to Minneapolis this evening for a long weekend. I am blessed to be able to visit my 89-year-old parents and my dear neice, Lindsey, and her family – which includes my grandnephew, Alex, who is nothing short of brilliant and the most handsome boy on the planet, of course.

But what’s with this whacky weather! I’ll be leaving 92 degrees here in Lala Land and heading into temps sixty degrees less. The perplexing part is that I’ll be ascending the sky sipping on a cool margarita and hitting the ground with a hot toddie – hopefully my stomach can make a fast, four-hour alcohol adjustment. Peppermints and Pepto-Bismol are already packed in my carrying case.

Yes, I’ll be winging my way through “The Big Bang Theory” airwaves tonight when perhaps you’ll see a glimpse of me during this evening’s episode on CBS. If I remember correctly, we shot the scene twice, with cameras moved from front to back angles of the principal characters. So, who knows what you might see of me – if anything at all. I could have easily ended up in digital heaven due to some very inept editor. We’ll see . . . but it promises to be a funny episode with Bob Newhart even if my magnificent mug is missed.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Hi from Hollywood!

  1. We just watched it on DVR … Did you see yourself? Did lots of stopping and rewinding but didn’t spot you! Funny episode though and Bob was hilarious!

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