Hi from Hollywood!

Mr. HollywoodLA Independent Film Festival Awards - 2013

Spent yesterday afternoon in the Hills of Beverly. Some friends of mine were shooting a thriller independent film in their home. We had met a couple of months ago at the LA Independent Film Festival Awards – a super glam event where I was managing the red carpet – or more accurately, playing “bouncer” at the red carpet. Picture it: lil ol’ me ridin’ side-saddle wrangling in a herd of Hollywood bulls and heifers. We always hear how the stars hate the paparazzi. Well, cry me a Mississippi River. Truth be told, they’ll trample and take out anyone who gets between them and the flash of a photog. Let’s just say that I won’t be back to “bounce” next year without my own team of pitbulls, a taser, and ten shots of tequila.

But I digress. Back to yesterday’s filming. Two of my friends who are in the film are very beautiful women. You know, the kind of friends that you never see without being perfectly put together, and after a couple of years of friendship you lay awake at night wondering if you should tell them that it’s not actually safe for them to sleep in false eyelashes. Well, when I walked in the door yesterday, I couldn’t find either of them. Not a coiffed blonde hair, a lipo-lean midrif, or a flawless fingernail in sight. But then, finally, I heard their pretty much voluptuous voices. I walked toward both of them to find that they had each been transformed into their own antithesis – truly haunting. What a makeup job! And, best of all, I even discovered that they can remove their eyelashes. They both did several scenes and when it comes to creating a thriller, Michael Jackson had nothing on these two. The film is still untitled, but I’ll keep you posted on that and a release date. This one is not be be missed.

And finally, a NEWS FLASH: the scene I did recently in “The Big Bang Theory” will be airing this Thursday night, May 2, on CBS. Check local listings. I’m in a very brief cafeteria scene, somewhere near the top of the show. At best, you’ll see the back of my gray-haired head at a table behind the principal characters. Bob Newhart does a guestshot later on in the show – funny script – you’ll get a Bang out of it.

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