Hi from Hollywood!

Mr. Hollywood

March 23, 2013

OK, everyone, a lotta news from Hollywood!

First off, I landed my first acting job! Signed up with Central Casting last week to be a background actor (new term for “extra”) and got a gig already – 6 am call this Monday to be on set for the show “The Client List” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Cybill Shepherd. I’ll be playing a golfer – will be practicing my swing for sure!

Then, last night went to Betty White’s “Hot in Cleveland” of course – Carol Burnett, Tim Conway and Jean Smart did guest shots. Ran into Carol after the show when she was walking over to her dressing room – had a brief chat and thanked her for all the laughs over the years.

Also went to Sean Hayes (Jack from “Will and Grace”) new untitled pilot on last Thursday. It was really a funny script and Sean is as brilliant as ever. Got to shake hands with him after the show. Tweeted him last night with an idea for a show title. I’m sure he hasn’t gotten back to me yet because he’s running it by Legal. Right???

Oh, and went to Leno last Tuesday – Dennis Rodman (just back from meeting the President of N. Korea – go figure) was on, along with Jenna Fischer from “The Office.” Fun time.

OK, off for a power walk. Backatcha soon.


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