Hi from Hollywood!

Mr. Hollywood

April 10, 2013

Worked yesterday afternoon and into the late night on a few scenes for “Criminal Minds” which will air sometime in May. I have to say, working on these shows has given me the opportunity to further incsrease my respect for the lead actors and the entire crew, which can be up to 50 or so people even for a one-minute scene. They work very long hours, and are all deeply committed to making every scene as perfect as it can be. As well, it’s all business on-set. Background actors need to watch for for cues and directions from the various directors, and be willing to do or not do whatever is requested.

Even though I’ll probably be a only shadowy figure on a seedy street in downtown LA, I was delighted to be positioned in some very prominent positions in front of the camera. And then suddenly it happened. After a few takes, I was replaced by two extremely short-skirted bimbos who’s cups more than flowed over, if you catch my drift. I, without hesitation, remained professional and took position in a lesser spot as the director instructed. But really, “girls of the night” replacing moi? What could the director possibly been thinking! With terrible tarts upstaging me, do they want to have to re-title the show “Minimal Minds?”


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