Hi from Hollywood!

Mr. Hollywood

April 2, 2013

Yesterday I did a scene in the pilot for “Delirium,” a show taken from the first of the three trilogies by auther Lauren Oliver: Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem. The show is a current-day drama series with the plot being that the government requires everyone at the age of 18 to receive the cure – a vaccination that rids you of the ability feel real love, therefore taking away any heartbreak and leaving adult society in a zombie-like happy state. I played a philanthropic supporter of the movement at a dinner fundraiser, and I had the distinct honor (along with 200 other extras, but who’s counting) of being directed by Rodrigo Garcia, who directed “The Sopranos,” Six Feet Under,” and “Big Love.” On-set actors were Billy Campbell (Luke in “Dynasty”), Emma Roberts, Melinda McGraw (“The Dark Knight”) and Gregg Sulkin. There’s quite a bit of buzz about the show in LA already, so watch for it soon.

Today I received a call to be in “Mad Men.” The scene of the episode I will be in will be taping on April 15. Don’t know any more details about what I’ll be playing, but go in for a wardrobe fitting this Friday. Little do the producers know they’re really getting an ex-ad man. Maybe I’ll renegotiate my fee.


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