Hi from Hollywood!

Western Costume Logo and Chuck 4-26-13

Just a quick little update . . . I got booked yesterday to appear in a feature film titled “Transendence” which stars Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, and others. Executive producer is Christopher Nolan. Great lineup . . . and then there’s moi. It was already set for an April, 2014 release by Warner Bros. . . . even before I was booked – go figure.

It’s a thriller about a team of scientists who transend intelligence into a computer – and the computer turns malevolent. I’m not really into sci-fi, violence, or even Johnny Depp. I actually don’t know much about him other than he must be heir to that hair gel from the Sixties that goes by his last name. Morgan Freeman, on the other hand, is tops in my book. Always delivers a riveting performance – Oscar material all the way.

Had to run over to North Hollywood this morning for a wardrobe fitting. Here I am at the famous Western Costume Company, provider of wardrobe to legions of stars since 1912. Of course, I pumped the receptionist for star scoop. She was a real doll, and gave me the goods on who all had been in lately: Bradley Cooper and Halle Berry, to name just a few. I was dying to ask if Ms. Berry’s fitting wasn’t a little tricky, given she’s publicly preggers. But I bit my lip hard enough that I hope the scar is gone before I do my scenes for the movie on May 8, 9 and 10.


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