Hi from Hollywood –

Mr. Hollywood

Some of you thought that I should start a blog – so here we are. I must ask though, who came up with that term? It really isn’t very attractive-sounding. Down-right disgusting actually. Anywhooooo . . . they didn’t ask me.

I’m finally having time to update you on my busy time last week. As I mentioned earlier, I was on the set of the new sitcom pilot titled “Mom,” which was created by Chuck Lorre. He was also the executive producer of “Two And A Half Men,” “Big Bang Theory,” etc. Pretty much the guru of the sitcom genre these days. The show stars Anna Faris, who starred in the “Scarey Movie” series, and Allyson Janey, who most recently starred in “The West Wing.” (A little Hollywood inside scoop: “The West Wing” stage at Warner Bros. is actually EAST of Stage 20, where I was working. Nothing in Hollywood is real.) There are a few other principals in the show who aren’t anymore recognizable than moi – but they get a credit line anway. Are you detecting a little professional jealousy? Actually, I discovered that almost all of the perfomers, except for little ol’ me, were part of a club called “SAG.” Why you would join an organization for folks in need of a little nip n’ tuck is beyond me. The fact that I haven’t been asked to join has erased any jealousy I previously had, for sure.

The week was comprised of three full days of rehearsal and then a live audience taping on Friday night. My background blocking was: stand facing the bar, pantomime instructions to the bartender, pick up the menus on the bar, turn and pantomime instructions to the waiter folding napkins, wait for a script cue from the male principal, cross behind Anna Faris as she makes her entrance, turn to maitre’d station and put down menus, exit stage left. After THREE DAYS of rehearsal, I must say I really nailed my performance. Definitely Emmy acting. But then came the live audience taping. Wouldn’t you know the damn audience thought that the script was funny and they threw off the whole timing of my performance! I exited the scene before Anna made her entrance and probably wasn’t even on camera. My heart sank. Luckily, Mr Lorre (or “Chas” as I came to call him by week’s end) called for another take because one of the principals flubbed a line – or more likely he thought my lost presence on camera was understandably unacceptable. I’d put money on the later. On the second take, I waited for the laugh that I must have pulled out of the audience, and my performance went impeccably. We hope CBS picks up the show for next fall. Maybe I need to call corporate and oblige a few of the head honchos with a power lunch.

We had last Wednesday off from “Mom,” so I got booked on a VH-1 show called “Hit The Floor.” Apparently it’s a re-titled version of the show “Bounce” – pretty much about basketball players and blonde bimbos cheering them on. After 14 hours on location playing a fan in an arena in Ontario, I got home and “Hit The Bed.”

Well, I better hit the phone and see what new work is booked. Ba-bye for now!


6 thoughts on “Hi from Hollywood –

  1. So fun to hear about your exploits! thanks for doing this so we can keep up with you — cancel that — I could never keep up with you but love to laugh along …

  2. Oh this is quite fun! Please keep us updated as to when you hit the screen so we can see you in action on your fun ventures!

  3. Hey Lucy!!! About time you were discovered! Stina has been filling me in about you from Facebook . . . very impressive, but not surprised. I always knew you were a STAR! Hugs, Cheryl

  4. Well Chuck —- at last you have made the “Big Time” How will the locals at the Milwaukee Club take this and also the Warf. Gee – and a big Congradulations !!

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